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Power System
Cairo - Egypt

For over 12 years, Power System has been meeting the power and control needs of Cairo and surrounding areas. We started as a local business and our success is based on providing first-class service to all our customers.

Since 2010, Power System target is to offer an outcome Solution to the customer to help the customers to offer their products in a highly competitive manner.

Solutions vary from integrated solution to simple products that fit the process needs from quality and price prospective.

The industrial focus of Power System is spread across almost every industry Segment. Power System has successfully installed systems in Metals, Paper, Chemicals, Oil and Gas, Food and Beverage, Converting, Plastics and Automotive.

Power System’s Engineering Team works with its clients through all steps of the design process, combining the client’s product knowledge with Power System engineering capabilities, to design the best systems possible.

Our Vision:

Positioned as a modern and eco solution provider

Our Mission:

Increasing outcomes through eco and modern solutions

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